Whatsminer M30S+ 90/92/94/96/98/100/102/104T

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Whatsminer M30S+ 90/92/94/96/98/100/102/104T  第1张Whatsminer M30S+ 90/92/94/96/98/100/102/104T  第2张

  • M30S + boards use aluminum, which cools quickly and prevents the boards from overheating. The device is supplied with the original power supply unit, which gives maximum energy efficiency in tandem, as well as equipped with protection against voltage drop, overheating, necessary to protect expensive equipment.

  • The device features stronger compute power, lower power consumption and incomparable stability. It can provide you extraordinary using experience.

ModelWhatsminer M30S+
96Th/s ~ 104Th/s
Size155 x 225 x 425mm
Chip size12nm
Noise level75db
Temperature5 - 40 °C
Humidity5 - 90 %



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